Old and Junky or Priceless Gifts of Christmas by Jo Russell

“Surprise! We get to come for Christmas!” Shirley dropped the phone as she learned that less than a week from the holiday that her grown son and his wife would celebrate with her. Because Shirley had been planning a quiet Christmas at home, she had projects in progress in nearly every room. Chaos reigned. Instead […]

Christmas’s Coming! No Peekin’ By Jo Russell

“You’d think that Mom would hide presents in a different place instead of on the same ‘ol closet shelf,” commented her oldest, Samantha, teetering on a chair in the guest room closet. “Yesth,” agreed seven-year-old Betty, whose front teeth were missing. She peered up and spotted foil-wrapped packages glistening in the back of the closet. […]

New and Improved Christmas? By Jo Russell

The lights, the colors, and the look of Christmas have a whole new complexion, faster, more stream-lined and wrinkle free! A clinic’s marquis urged shoppers to stop in during lunch and “Get your Botox treatment for the holidays!” Add it to the to-do list! Sally pondered, “But what would Santa and Mrs. Claus be without […]

All I Want for Christmas By Jo Russell

When Leslie went looking to buy a family home–a dream and prayer for over ten years–she noted some sales people showed her some one-of-a-kind features.  Close enough to Christmas that the shiny ornaments were packed in the stores next to the Halloween ghouls, Leslie held fast to the vision of a home for her family […]

Christmas Surprises Over the Centuries By Jo Russell

With a home security system Bob and Shelly thought was more foolproof than a bank vault, the young parents awoke hours before dawn on Christmas to the rise of a terrible clatter. Had some team bypassed their system? As Bob checked their toddlers’ room for their fleece-covered sleeping forms, he only spotted empty beds. Soon, he […]

Where is the Locksmith When you Need Him? By Jo Russell

Jenny drove carefully over the icy roads to her second job on the weekend.  Though It had snowed most of the night, the roads had melted to a soft slush in the winter sun. Safe! I’m here and it’s a beautiful day that looks like a Currier and Ives Christmas card! What could be more […]

Love Shining Through Rush Hour By Jo Russell

Though Paul and Carol had just settled into their hotel and took a breath, shaking the rain out of their hair and clothes. It had been a long drive to the city through rain, sleet, and snow. Paul felt like a modern-day Pony Express rider. He was ready to kick-back and see what was on […]

Some Assembly Required by Jo Russell

“There’s some assembly you have to do on this bedframe,” Ron told his customer as he loaded the slim box in the back of her pick-up truck. “But it’s not bad. A Merry Christmas to you! You got the last one.” “Thanks!” Shirley told him, “I’m good at this and my company isn’t coming until […]

Black Friday–Lost and Found! by Jo Russell

Carol was buzzing with excitement to go shopping at the big store in a nearby town. I haven’t been there for months! Black Friday and payday together—what could be better?  Christmas decorations! Live potted evergreens! Yard displays! Stocking stuffers! Oh, wow! Carol liked to park near the garden shop entrance.  But all the spaces were […]