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Jo Russell is an award-winning author, blogger, and speaker whose humor and insights span decades. She brings hope, encouragement and humor into everyday living  including coping with hardship. These experiences have built her hope and faith in God. Besides winning several national writing contests for humor and having scores of articles in national publications in print, she has an award-winning book and has written a popular weekly blog with a worldwide following since 2012 on this website,

Jo has contributed to two Chicken Soup for the Soul volumes and five other anthologies. Jo has three other books releasing in late 2017: Give Us This Day Our Daily Grin ~ A Fun-Lovers Guide to Spiritual Growing and Living (print and e-book – now available for pre-sales at a promotional discounted price through September 24, 2017); Lighten Up and Laugh ~ A Healing Tickle to Your Life and Funny Bone (e-book only) as well as Bring on the Blessings of Baskets ~ Easy, Fast, Personalized and Outreach Ministry Gifts (e-book only).  Click on the excerpts tab to see samples of these books.  

Jo is a mother of grown twin sons. She raised the boys from diapers to adulthood as a single parent. Jo retired as an elementary reading specialist and shared the secrets of moving out of the “Turtles Reading Group” [her own placement until sixth grade] into the “Reading is Fun Achievers.” She pursued a second career in retail sales, saving do-it-yourself enthusiasts dollars and red-faced moments by teaching them how to do simple fix-it tasks and repairs.

Jo lives in the four season climate of northeast Arizona. She seeks out humor, finds it and brings it to life in her writing. Besides writing and speaking, Jo enjoys a local Red Hats and church-sponsored quilting groups.

What to expect of Toastmaster-trained Jo as your speaker: She will create a custom-designed message just for your group, whether it is for a small group event, workshop, inspirational speech, or coaching. All messages have an uplifting, positive concept that with God’s help, no challenge is too hard to handle.

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What people are saying….

Bob Seymour, retired pastor, Valley View Southern Baptist Church, Snowflake, Arizona. “With stories you can’t forget, Jo captures the audience with humor and wisdom.” Deedo Wooley, Red Hat Queen and President, Pinetop Prissie’s Red Hats, Pinetop, Arizona. “We always enjoy Jo’s funny and zany talks. They give us a smiles and energy!” Nancy Stidham, pastor’s wife, Cornerstone Community Church, Lakeside, AZ. : “As keynote at our Women’s Fellowship Fair, Jo inspired an enthusiastic crowd with her humor, stage antics, and solid Biblical message.” Wanda Pratt, Women’s Retreat Coordinator, Burton Camp, August, 2013 “Jo has a way of taking a serious subject and making it funny and informative. She taught a workshop at our women’s retreat called, “Can Kermit and Miss Piggy Live Happily Ever After? A Biblical Concept of Marriage.” We enjoyed it so much!

Partial list of speaking topics: 

Can Kermit and Miss Piggy Ever Live Happily Ever After? A Biblical Concept of Marriage Count your blessings even when the toilet is overflowing! Attitude is a choice and makes all the difference in quality of life. It’s Never Too Late for Love! Besides learning more about God’s love for each of us, the author shares the humorous story of a senior courtship. Danger, Detours and Motherhood  What can God do with a rebellious “Do it my way” person? Change her completely. Getting Over Messiness – and Other Impossible Habits Ask God for help in getting over the impossible and experience his sense of humor! The Value of Life As God Sees It: Every Baby Counts! [Pro-life message] Navigating the Narrow Window: Getting a Marriage License Ain’t for Sissies! Choosing God’s way is a narrow road, but one paved with rich experiences and contentment. Never Give Up! Get Up Every Time You Fall! Jo’s own life experiences reflect the benefit of rising from the ashes of every difficulty. Just How Deep is the Water Anyway? Transform fear and trembling to confidence in God’s Living Water More Effective Time Management, More Time with God Organizational tips that help in all areas of life. For Christian writers/authors: Encouragement, hands-on exercises, markets, developing your following, including social media, shameless publicity and promotion that always makes the media. For Schools: What’s it Like Being a Writer? A nose for news, accuracy in media stories, writing news, researched non-fiction writing;journal/memoir/fiction writing