Who knew? Chris afraid of the water? Teenager Chris, the five-year-old twins and Jolene, boarded the ferry boat to travel over to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It was a new experience for the three of  them. For Chris, it was yet another adventure forging through the unknown with his crazy aunt.

Chris had come to think of Aunt Jolene as Sacagawea, guiding him and the twins through the Pacific Northwest just as Lewis and Clark had done a century before.

“After three weeks of traveling and camping together, isn’t this great, having hot food we don’t have to cook and dishes we don’t have to wash?” Jolene looked around to see who agreed. The twins, their mouths surrounded by crumbs, nodded. Chris gripped the edge of his padded seat with white knuckles. He wasn’t appreciating the pincushion wooded islands on the blue water that were a stunning change from his desert home, where he had lived since birth.

“What can he be so afraid of?” she wondered. Perhaps Chris, being raised in a land-locked area, had never seen so much water. As the ferry’s motors rumbled and tickled his feet with the vibration on the steel deck, Chris let go of the seat and began to pace. Then he announced, “I’m going to take a walk around the outside.” The twins and Jolene watched him and noticed Chris stopped at each group of lifeboats.

When he returned, Chris asked his aunt, “How deep is the water here anyway?” Chris peered at the water. “I’ve counted them. They don’t have enough lifeboats for all of us!” A half-hour later when they landed at the island, Jolene wondered if Chris stumbled when they got off the ferry, or had he stopped to kiss the solid ground?

Consider David’s plea, “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck.”[ Psalm 69:1]

Some people have so much anxiety that it affects their walk with the Lord.

Do you feel that the waters around you are too deep? I do at times. A good strategy is to pray through worry. What if, during prayer, you breathe in Jesus and breathe out your fears?

[Jo Russell is a Christian speaker, author of scores of articles, a half dozen anthology contributions, and her recent Give Us This Day Our Daily Grin – A Fun-Lovers Guide to Spiritual Living and Growing now in print and e-book on Amazon Kindle and other e-formats Smashwords. She is author of several other books, including new release Bring on the Blessings of Baskets ~ Easy, Fast, Personalized and Outreach Ministry Gifts. Amazon . Jo lives in northeast Arizona and writes a popular humorous weekly blog on her website, www.button-to-god.com.]


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