Ron’s shaggy blonde hair was cupped thick around his face when Mari saw him in the grocery store showcased against the European cheeses and deli meat. It was the first time to see him wearing something bigger than a hot mitt! He also looked at Mari with total surprise. She had never seen Ron with a shirt on. But then, he hadn’t seen her with one on either.

He stared, then blurted. “You sure look different with your clothes on!”
Mari thought the same of him. Were they lovers, only meeting in a motel when their needs were greatest or is Ron a male model? Is he hopelessly stuck on himself and determined to show off his compact well-muscled, hairy body?

Well, no.

Mari never before saw him before without wet hair, and water dripping off his body. Both swam laps in parallel lanes at the local pool for several summer seasons.
The world may cry for more skin and less clothes. Ron and Mari already had that at the Aquatic Center!

“You sure look different with your clothes on!” could have been the catch phrase of the flower-power generation like mine or now: “If it feels good, do it.”

God doesn’t just know you inside and out, but he knows what talents he has given you. He knows how he wants you to use them. He knows every joyful event in your life as well as the disappointments, losses, awards, victories, and challenges ahead. God knows the length of your life and what he wants you to do with it.

No matter where you are with God right now, he has not given up on you. Your age doesn’t matter, nor cellulite, moles, bitten fingernails, or the things you do better or worse than anyone else.

God knows you. He should because he made you. “You perceive my thoughts from afar…You are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely, O Lord.” [Psalm 139 3-4] NIV. What says love more than knowing someone completely and delighting in who they are?

You may not see the plan now, but God is smiling with his hidden agenda for your life. Will you let him guide and lead you? Wherever you are in your journey, God can take you there.

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