Answers to the Bible Quiz: Thanks for your responses!

Our winner is Michelle B. from Nashville, TN.! Congratuations!  

1. Answer: B, Book of Esther 


2. Answer: C. Mary, sister of Lazarus, John 12:1-6.


3. Answer: B. Priscilla, Romans 16:3-4


4. Answer: D. Queen of Sheba, as she went to see King Solomon. 2 Chronicles 9:1-12


5. Answer: C. Ruth. Book of Ruth 1-3. daughter in law of Naomi; later wife of Boaz.


6. Answer: Zipporah , wife of Moses. Exodus: 18:2-3


7. Answer: C. Rachel. Genesis chapters 35 to 50. The first son was Joseph. The second son was Benjamin, one of the tribes of Israel. 


8. Answer B: Sarai wife of Abraham, Genesis 18:9-19


9. Answer A: Jochebed, mother of Moses.  Exodus books 2 to 12.


10. Answer: C. Jehosheba : 2 Chronicles 22:11-12


11. Answer: C. Deborah, Judges 4


12. Answer: D.   Jesus healed all of the above.

Death: Tabitha / Dorcas  Acts 9:36;

Female problems: woman with bleeding problem, Luke 8:42;

Mental illness: Mary of Magdala,  Mark 16:9, Luke 8:2


13. Answer: C. Lois   Timothy. Daughter was Eunice, grandson and preacher, Timothy. From  2 Timothy 1:5.


14. Answer: A. Miriam, sister of Moses, Exodus 15:20 and Elizabeth, cousin to Mary, and mother of John the Baptist. Luke 1:41-45. 



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