Old Testament Trivia




4. Second son of Bathsheba

6. Queen of Persia

7. The 10 Commandments are here first.

9. He took command when Moses died.

10. What God gives to us, we are to do for others ~ releasing another from blame



1. Animals used in battle by Midianite enemies – Judges 6

2. Book providing numerous names of the Messiah used in Handel’s piece.

3. A widow gave him the last of her bread.

5. A child of Ruth and Boaz.

8. He wrote half of the Psalms.

These are from a New International Version Bible.


Post your answers in across and down on jorussell@button-to-god.com. First to respond and have all correct win a free book, Which Button Do You Push to Get God to Come Out? It will be shipped free to the winner. Contest closes Dec. 16, 2012.
10 of 10 words were placed into the puzzle.

Created by Puzzlemaker at DiscoveryEducation.com


The winner of the book is Ann-Louise H. of Lakeside, Arizona.

Congratulations, Ann-Louise!