Oh, the Places You Will Go With God! by Jo Russell

Oh, the places you will go with God and a GPS! With the world oriented to making even the simplest things more complicated, it is no wonder that the GPS [Global Positioning System] became essential to cars. No one can blame tardiness on a lack of direction. In theory,...

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No Room at the Inn? Nonsense! by Jo Russell

No room? Emily thought so. She was the youngest of nine children in her family. When her father, George, bought a little house in 1930 in the throes of the Great Depression, his own dad commented, “You’re crazy. Nobody does that now when things are so bad.” Most were...

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Hands-on Driving and Life Lessons by Jo Russell

“Hey, Robbie! Look at me driving! I’m getting better and better!” 12-year-old Cheryl quipped to her year- older brother beside her.  Her mother had taught the two to drive. As a farm girl, Cheryl’s mother learned to drive tractors, then cars, but both at an early age....

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Everyone Needs a Bladder, Paper and God by Jo Russell

  Amid a pile of cut paper on each classroom desk, second grader Carol wailed loudly, “Mrs. Brown! Somebody stole my bladder! I can’t find it anywhere! I really need it!” Because the girl had just returned from the bathroom, Mrs. Brown knew that Carol was well...

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Birthday Celebration for You from God by Jo Russell

    “A birthday party day just for me!” Four-year-old Carlie cried with excitement  as she had just been at the orphanage a short time when her fifth birthday came along. Carlie woke early to get dressed for all the activities. After lunch, Carlie gushed to the head...

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