Once Sore Afraid, but Not Anymore by Jo Russell

Tina was sore afraid of power tools. New to the home improvement and construction market at her new job with construction supply store, she was face-to-face with her most feared nemesis: power tools. She was supposed to guide customers to the right motorized tool for...

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Work? Job? Retirement? by Jo Russell

A five-year-old looked at the vacation rental house where his family would be spending a week and gushed, “This would be a great retirement home!” “Retirement?” his dad asked wondering how his young son could have such an idea. “Daniel, what do you think that...

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Choosing a Dead Egg or a Live Savior by Jo Russell

Eight boys between seven and fourteen squeezed into Grandma Brenda’s tiny trailer kitchen to dye eggs. Around a table the size of a placemat, they bumped into each other, sloshing cups of dye on the worn rug and shabby sofa. Grandma didn’t mind. She loved all her...

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Envying “Break a Leg” Cassandra by Jo Russell

Envy? Never a problem for Jennie until now. Just days before spring break, the pre-teen moved with her family to a new state and a new school. As she was escorted into her new classroom with a member of the school staff just before lunch, she cringed. What a terrible...

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Guilt-Free Living with God’s Love by Jo Russell

Everywhere you look, the world is out to push and pull you into different habits, shapes, and   personality. No matter what you do, though, it feels like you aren’t good enough. Sickening. As a cheerful tour guide under overcast skies in the Netherlands got the...

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