Work? Job? Retirement? by Jo Russell

A five-year-old looked at the vacation rental house where his family would be spending a week and gushed, “This would be a great retirement home!” “Retirement?” his dad asked wondering how his young son could have such an idea. “Daniel, what do you think that...

Coveting the Red Glass by Jo Russell

“It’s my turn for the red glass!” seven-year-old David complained around the breakfast table and he reached for the shiny tumbler full of milk. “Not! It’s mine!” His younger sister, Della, protested as he replaced it with his blue one. Soon the milk glasses were...

A Hearty Hello for All by Jo Russell

Rickie opened his eyes with alarm. He vaulted out of bed and ran to his mom and dad’s  sleeping forms. “Mom! Mom! Wake up! Isn’t this the day?” “What day, Honey?” She asked her pre-school aged son. “It’s the day Gus comes. Remember? He drives the big truck and picks...

Thankful Through the Tough Times by Jo Russell

“I thought you were going out of town on a mini-vacation this month,” Carlie mentioned to her best friend, Rachel. “That we were, but I think Larry, Don, and Dave are going in our place.” “Who are they?” “The plumber, heater repairman and the electrician. We know each...

As the Spatula Turns By Jo Russell

Project Chairman Jamie was packing the car with equipment, including spatulas and door prizes, for the cooking demonstration the next morning. It wasn’t easy with the roaring in her ears – and everyone else’s. For the last two hours, the plumber was on the roof with...

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