Old Testament Trivia Crossword by Jo Russell

Old Testament Trivia     Across 4. Second son of Bathsheba 6. Queen of Persia 7. The 10 Commandments are here first. 9. He took command when Moses died. 10. What God gives to us, we are to do for others ~ releasing another from blame   Down 1. Animals used in battle...

Answers for the 7/1/2012 Bible Quiz By Jo Russell

Answers to the Bible Quiz: Thanks for your responses! Our winner is Michelle B. from Nashville, TN.! Congratuations!   1. Answer: B, Book of Esther    2. Answer: C. Mary, sister of Lazarus, John 12:1-6.   3. Answer: B. Priscilla, Romans 16:3-4   4. Answer: D. Queen of...

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