Father, Hero, Dad by Jo Russell

“Help! Help me!” came a desperate cry within a rumble of voices, screams and shouts in the prison yard! Big Jake, one of three prison guards, sprinted, following his ears and eyes to a crowd where an inmate was being stabbed again and again by fellow prisoners. [stock...

Where Does My Help Come From? by Jo Russell

  “Look at the balls, Robbie! It’s almost like the playland at McDonald’s,” Amy cried with excitement at the toy department display of balls inside a cage big enough for six kids. Older brother Robbie came closer and decided she was right. He stepped up to a round...

Once Sore Afraid, but Not Anymore by Jo Russell

Tina was sore afraid of power tools. New to the home improvement and construction market at her new job with construction supply store, she was face-to-face with her most feared nemesis: power tools. She was supposed to guide customers to the right motorized tool for...

Choosing a Dead Egg or a Live Savior by Jo Russell

Eight boys between seven and fourteen squeezed into Grandma Brenda’s tiny trailer kitchen to dye eggs. Around a table the size of a placemat, they bumped into each other, sloshing cups of dye on the worn rug and shabby sofa. Grandma didn’t mind. She loved all her...

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Jo’s humor, inspirational stories, articles and devotionals have spanned more than 40 years, with several national writing contest awards for humor. She's a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Soul—Shaping the New You and Heavenly Humor for the Dieter’s Soul.

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