One popular past feature which generated lots of response has been the quiz
“Poor Richard’s Almanac or the Bible?” [July 31, 2011]

Now, hot off the press, a fresh, new Bible query! I haven’t had to work this hard since taking grad classes and learning to barbeque chicken.

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1. Old Testament: Born to ordinary parents, then orphaned and raised by another family member in the country today called Iran, this woman turned heads with her beauty and intelligence. This woman is honored with a special day called Pûrim.

A. Hannah
B. Esther
C. Rahab
D. Orpah

2. New Testament: She washed Jesus’ feet with expensive oil and dried them with her long hair. The oil smelled up the whole house and was worth about a year’s wages.

A. Mary of Magdala
B. Lydia
C. Mary, sister of Lazarus
D. Woman at the Well

3. New Testament: Working with her husband, this loving and hard-working woman created tents and opened her home in Greece as a place for weary traveler Apostle Paul, even at the risk of their lives.

A. Tamar
B. Priscilla
C. Tabitha
D. Mahlah

4. Old Testament: She must have enjoyed food along with power and wealth. This royal traveled far looking for wisdom and advice from another leader. She paid for his time and trouble with expensive spices, precious stones, and gold.

A. Queen Mary
B. Queen Cleopatra
C. Queen Herodias
D. Queen of Sheba

5. Old Testament: What daughter-in-law modeled love and loyalty for her widowed mother-in-law?

A. Anna
B. Miriam
C. Ruth
D. Marian

6. Old Testament: She married a shepherd, had a couple of sons, and expected an ordinary life. But her husband’s mysterious past included exile, even though raised as a king’s son. God chose him for a special leadership role that would prove that in crossing water with His help, you may not even get your feet wet.

A. Zipporah
B. Sarah
C. Eve
D. Isabelle

7. Old Testament: Even though beautiful and loved, the second wife got a raw deal. She wasn’t able to have children for a long time. When she died giving birth to her second and last son, this sensational lady never got to see either of her famous two sons grow up.

One became prime minister of Egypt; the other headed up a small tribe of honored leaders. Apostle Paul was a descendent of the tribe from the second son.

A. Deborah
B. Delilah
C. Rachel
D. Sapphira

8. Old Testament: In Bible times, children were an asset instead of a liability. This retirement age woman passed up menopause and all hope of a child. She set her moisturizing face cream aside, figuring fighting wrinkles was hopeless, too. But thanks to a God who works through the impossible, the stick turned blue. She became the mother of all nations.

A. Ophelia
B. Sarai
C. Leah
D. Hagar

9. Old Testament: This humble mom’s name means “Jehovah is Glory.” Today, authorities would not approve her setting her son afloat in a basket in the river. The infant was too young to swim. But God raised the boy to be a guerrilla leader who fought oppression and won.

A. Jochebed
B. Michal
C. Noadiah
D. Lily

10. Old Testament: In a world awash with murder, betrayal, and bad choices, this good-hearted princess married a faithful priest and saved her nephew Joash. They raised the boy in the temple to honor God and live by his laws.

A. Phoebe
B. Mara
C. Jehosheba
D. Bathsheba

11. Old Testament: This prophetess took down an enemy commander with a tent stake.

A. Anna
B. Martha
C. Deborah
D. Mara

12.Jesus honored women. When He walked the earth, he cured women of

A. Illness resulting in death
B. Female issues
C. Insanity or mental illness
D. All of the above

13. New Testament: A gray-haired grandma living in Asia influenced and raised up a young grandson to be a preacher mentored by Apostle Paul.

A. Mary
B. Lydia
C. Lois
D. Hadassah

14. Both New and Old Testament: Two women in the Bible who experienced the role of prophetess included:
A. Miriam and Elizabeth
B. Noadiah and Naomi
C. Hannah and Mary
D. Deborah and Dorcas

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