In His Time

By Jo Russell 9/19/12

As a plan-ahead person, Jana was ready for her three-hour trek down the mountain to the airport.  When the alarm rang in the dark, she planned to drive under clear starry spring skies. She remembered she had an hour. No matter that ahead was a pass high enough for a Black Diamond ski run. It hadn’t snowed for weeks. The road would be clear.  


“Plenty of time,” she thought, until she looked out the window at her own street. “Rats! Snow and ice!” For hours until mid-morning, the mountain road would dangerous with black ice. Now she would have to rush, leave sooner, and take the safer detour.


As Jan drove the longer way, she wondered if her watch stopped. So far left to go. Could she risk adding to her paper trail as a speeder?  What law-enforcement officer would believe that Flight 264 was an emergency–any more than her last speeding ticket for rushing to the store for a sale on skinless chicken breasts!


Once parked, she sprinted for the shuttle bus, no small feat in snow boots. She slid to a stop like a skater in front of the airline counter. Jana dropped her bag on the scale with a triumphant shout, “Made it!”


The clerk, decked out in a snappy short-sleeved uniform perfect for the balmy desert weather, didn’t share Jana’s enthusiasm. Before she checked the traveler’s ticket, the clerk felt her armpits getting moist just looking at Jana’s puffy padded boots. Seeing her long-sleeved shirt and the down jacket made the clerk feel as if it were July, when Arizona temperatures waver between chili-roasting and a brush fire.    


With a quick glance at the large clock on the wall, the clerk stated, “If you’d been here three minutes earlier, you could have boarded this flight!”


“But what’s three little minutes?  I had to travel through ice and snow to get here!” Jana grasped the counter with white knuckles begging, “Please! Please! The plane won’t leave for twenty-seven minutes! My family is meeting me.”


The clerk couldn’t be swayed. “Ice and snow? Aren’t you headed for a lot of it in north country where you’re headed?”


“Couldn’t you make room for me?”


“You weren’t on time.”

Never encouraging are the world’s reminders that we all fall short of time agendas. Like these words:

  • You’re late.
  • You’re not on time.
  • You’re tardy.
  •  It’s about time. 


That’s the world’s way of reminding us that we fall short of a time agenda: it’s never encouraging.


But God’s time is just right.  It’s perfect for all the things that happen in your life and Jana’s.


Evangelist/motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic, shared that his first speech before a large audience left him stuttering and nervous. He wasn’t ready. It wasn’t time. Now confident before audiences around the world numbering tens of thousands, Nick said when his experience, confidence, and the time was right, everything worked. A man born without limbs, he has a positive testimony and hope no matter what challenges a person faces. Search YouTube to see him speak.


For God told Isaiah, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” (Is. 55:8 NIV).  Many times Nick had asked God why he was born without limbs and asked for a healing. He had thought about suicide. But with a great burning desire to be a motivational speaker and much family support, Nick now inspires many and frees them from the slavery of the mind and the bonds of “I can’t.” That is God’s way of using Nick.  


God has his ways of using and guiding you. It will happen in just the right time. 


So you didn’t get the promotion you expected? You couldn’t start a family yet? So the house deal fell through? The check wasn’t in the mail?”


Frustrated, you might shake your fist at God and ask, “Can you think of something better?”


God will just smile and respond, “You bet. You can count on it!”

[Jo Russell is a Christian teacher, speaker, author of many articles, contributor to several anthologies, and Which Button Do You Push to Get God to Come Out? A Humorous Devotional for Women, available at this website and Jo’s speaking engagements. For more chuckles and to hear a speech, enjoy excerpts of her book and tips, check her entire website options and weekly blog on]   




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